A Russian Youth Movie 2020

IMDb Rating: Approximately 6.2

“A Russian Youth” is a historical drama film directed by Alexander Zolotukhin, released in 2019. The film is a visually striking and contemplative exploration of a young soldier’s experiences during World War I.


The film is set during World War I and follows the story of a young Russian soldier named Sergey (played by Vladimir Korolev). Sergey, who hails from a rural background, is thrust into the chaos and brutality of the war when he is conscripted into the Russian Imperial Army.

“A Russian Youth” offers a unique narrative approach by combining historical footage and dramatic reenactments. The film immerses viewers in Sergey’s experiences on the Eastern Front, where he faces the harsh realities of warfare, camaraderie with fellow soldiers, and moments of introspection amid the chaos of battle.

Throughout the film, Sergey grapples with the moral and emotional toll of war, raising questions about the senselessness of violence and the loss of youthful innocence. The film’s contemplative and visually stunning storytelling style allows viewers to reflect on the impact of war on an individual’s psyche and humanity itself.


The film explores themes related to the human cost of war, the loss of innocence, the psychological effects of combat, and the historical context of World War I.


The film features Vladimir Korolev in the central role of Sergey, supported by other cast members who contribute to the film’s portrayal of war and its impact on the protagonist.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Alexander Zolotukhin
  • Producers: Anna Gudkova, Vladimir Korolev, and others.


“A Russian Youth” has received praise for its visually striking and contemplative approach to storytelling. It is lauded for its ability to immerse viewers in the experiences of a young soldier during World War I and its examination of the psychological toll of war.


“A Russian Youth” is a historical drama film that offers a contemplative and visually immersive portrayal of a young soldier’s experiences during World War I. It combines historical footage with dramatic reenactments to create a unique narrative style that invites viewers to reflect on the human cost of war and the loss of innocence in the face of violence. The film serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of historical events on individuals and the enduring relevance of themes related to conflict and humanity’s capacity for resilience and introspection.

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