Afterward Movie 2018

“Afterward” is a documentary directed by Ofra Bloch, released in 2018. This thought-provoking documentary takes a deep dive into the long-term psychological impact of conflict on individuals and communities. The film delves into the journeys of trauma survivors and their efforts to heal, forgive, and find understanding in the aftermath of conflict.

The Story

“Afterward” explores the aftermath of various historical conflicts, including the Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The documentary features personal narratives from survivors, descendants, and individuals affected by these conflicts. Through candid interviews and personal stories, the film paints a complex portrait of the enduring emotional and psychological scars left by past trauma.

The Healing Process

The documentary emphasizes the healing process and the power of dialogue and reconciliation. It follows survivors and individuals as they confront their painful pasts, engage in conversations with those on the “other side” of the conflict, and seek understanding and closure. “Afterward” offers a glimpse into the profound impact of acknowledging one’s pain and working toward forgiveness and reconciliation.

Lessons in Humanity

“Afterward” serves as a reflection on the shared human experience and the capacity for empathy and healing. The film illustrates that, despite the deep wounds caused by conflict, there is potential for individuals and communities to come together, bridge divides, and foster mutual understanding. It underscores the importance of acknowledging the past while working towards a more peaceful future.


In “Afterward,” viewers are invited to explore the long-term repercussions of historical conflicts and the healing journeys of those affected. The documentary emphasizes the resilience of the human spirit and the potential for transformation and reconciliation, even in the face of deep-seated trauma. “Afterward” encourages introspection, empathy, and a commitment to building a more compassionate and understanding world, reminding us of the enduring capacity for healing and forgiveness.

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