American Badger Movie 2021

IMDb Rating: approximately 5.4

“American Badger” is a 2021 action film directed by Kirk Caouette, who also stars as the titular character. The film follows a mysterious hitman known as “Badger” who takes on various assignments while harboring a tragic past. “Badger” is a professional assassin skilled in combat and survival.


The film offers a glimpse into “Badger’s” life as he carries out dangerous contracts, demonstrating his deadly skills and unwavering determination. However, when he meets a young woman who becomes a potential target, he finds himself in a moral dilemma. The film explores themes of redemption, personal connection, and the consequences of a life filled with violence.


“American Badger” delves into themes related to violence, morality, redemption, and the inner turmoil of a hitman. It examines the psychological and emotional toll of a profession built on taking lives.


  • Kirk Caouette as “Badger”
  • Andrea Stefancikova as Sophia
  • Michael Kopsa as The Handler
  • Milan Stefancik as Stefan
  • Zak Santiago as Guillermo

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Kirk Caouette
  • Producers: Kirk Caouette, Alexandra Caulfield, and others


“American Badger” has received mixed reviews, with some viewers appreciating its action sequences and character development, while others found fault with its pacing and storytelling. The film’s exploration of the hitman’s moral struggle and the impact of violence on one’s psyche adds depth to the action genre.


“American Badger” is an action film that follows the life of a skilled hitman and explores themes of violence, morality, and redemption. While it may not have received universal acclaim, it offers an intriguing character study within the context of an action-packed storyline.

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