American Relapse Movie 2019

IMDb Rating: approximately 6.1

“American Relapse” is a documentary film directed by Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt, released in 2019. The documentary provides a raw and unfiltered look at the opioid epidemic in the United States. It follows the work of two individuals, Frankie and Allie, as they provide harm reduction services to people struggling with addiction on the streets of Philadelphia.


The documentary focuses on the work of Frankie and Allie, who operate a mobile support and outreach unit in Philadelphia. Their mission is to reach out to individuals affected by addiction, offering clean needles, naloxone, and access to resources and treatment. “American Relapse” captures the intense and often heartbreaking moments of their work as they interact with those in the grip of addiction. It sheds light on the human side of the opioid epidemic, showcasing the challenges and complexities of addiction and recovery.


“American Relapse” explores themes related to addiction, harm reduction, the opioid crisis, and the resilience of individuals seeking recovery. It underscores the importance of compassion and harm reduction strategies in addressing addiction.


  • The documentary primarily features Frankie and Allie, as well as the individuals they encounter during their outreach efforts.

Directors and Production Team

  • Directors: Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt
  • Producers: Pat McGee, Adam Linkenhelt, and others


“American Relapse” has received positive reviews for its unflinching portrayal of the opioid epidemic and its emphasis on harm reduction efforts. It is recognized for its ability to humanize the individuals affected by addiction and for shedding light on the dedicated work of harm reductionists.


“American Relapse” is a documentary that offers a raw and compassionate perspective on the opioid epidemic in the United States. It showcases the critical role of harm reductionists in reaching out to individuals struggling with addiction and highlights the importance of addressing addiction as a public health crisis with empathy and support.

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