American Thief Movie 2020

IMDb Rating: approximately 5.6

“American Thief” is a 2020 drama-thriller film directed and written by Miguel Silveira. The film explores themes of surveillance, hacking, and privacy in a digital age. It tells the story of a whistleblower who steals government secrets and exposes a network of corruption and surveillance.


The film follows the story of Cain, a former hacker, who becomes a whistleblower after discovering a secret government program that infringes on the privacy and civil liberties of American citizens. Cain’s actions set off a series of events that lead to a high-stakes chase as he attempts to evade government agents and expose the truth. The film blends elements of suspense, political intrigue, and cyberthriller.


“American Thief” delves into themes of government surveillance, whistleblowing, privacy rights, and the consequences of exposing government secrets. It raises questions about the balance between national security and individual freedoms in the digital age.


  • The film features a cast including Xisko Maximo Monroe, Khadim Diop, Ben Becher, and others.

Director and Production Team

  • Director and Screenwriter: Miguel Silveira
  • Producers: Miguel Silveira, Dennis Masel, and others


“American Thief” has received mixed reviews, with some viewers appreciating its exploration of timely and thought-provoking themes, while others found fault with its execution and pacing. The film’s focus on the impact of government surveillance on individuals’ lives adds depth to the thriller genre.


“American Thief” is a drama-thriller film that delves into issues of government surveillance, hacking, and whistleblowing. It raises important questions about privacy rights and the consequences of exposing government secrets, offering viewers a suspenseful and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

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