Better Living Through Circuitry Movie 1999

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Better Living Through Circuitry Movie 1999

“Better Living Through Circuitry” is a 1999 documentary film directed by Jon Reiss. This compelling documentary explores the vibrant and evolving world of electronic dance music (EDM) culture, taking viewers on a journey through the underground rave scene and the transformative power of electronic music.

The Story

“Better Living Through Circuitry” delves into the subculture of electronic dance music, focusing on the experiences of DJs, producers, ravers, and other enthusiasts. The film provides an immersive look into the origins, evolution, and impact of EDM culture, tracing its roots from underground parties to mainstream recognition.

Electronic Music Pioneers

The documentary features interviews with electronic music pioneers and influential figures, shedding light on the history and development of electronic music. It explores the innovative use of technology and synthesizers in shaping the genre.

Rave Culture

The film captures the essence of rave culture, highlighting the communal spirit, freedom of expression, and connection that attendees experience at these events. It also delves into the challenges and controversies associated with the rave scene, including drug use and legal crackdowns.

Visual and Sonic Artistry

“Better Living Through Circuitry” celebrates the visual and sonic artistry of electronic music performances, showcasing the mesmerizing light shows, visuals, and immersive environments that accompany EDM events.

Personal Stories

The documentary weaves together personal stories of individuals who have found solace, belonging, and inspiration within the EDM community. It explores how electronic music can serve as a form of self-expression and a means of self-discovery.

Cultural Impact

The film examines the cultural impact of electronic dance music, from its influence on fashion and art to its role in shaping contemporary youth culture. It highlights the global reach of EDM and its ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds.

Underground to Mainstream

“Better Living Through Circuitry” explores the journey of electronic dance music from its underground origins to its eventual mainstream acceptance. It raises questions about the commercialization of the genre and the balance between preserving its subversive roots and reaching a wider audience.


“Better Living Through Circuitry” is a captivating documentary that provides a comprehensive and immersive look into the world of electronic dance music culture. It celebrates the creativity, passion, and community that define the EDM scene while also examining its evolution and cultural significance. If you have an interest in electronic music, subcultures, or the power of music to bring people together, this documentary offers an enlightening and visually stunning exploration of a dynamic and influential cultural movement.

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