Big Fur Movie 2020

IMDb Rating: Approximately 7.1

“Big Fur” is a documentary film directed by Dan Wayne, released in 2019. The film explores the quirky and fascinating world of competitive taxidermy through the lens of one eccentric artist.


The documentary introduces viewers to the eccentric and passionate world of competitive taxidermy, where skilled artists compete to create the most lifelike and imaginative stuffed animals. At the center of the film is Ken Walker, a highly talented and unconventional taxidermist known for his unique creations.

Ken Walker’s dream is to create the world’s first life-sized Bigfoot taxidermy specimen. He embarks on a challenging and ambitious journey to bring this mythical creature to life. Along the way, the film captures the artistry and dedication that go into taxidermy, as well as the quirky subculture of competitive taxidermy enthusiasts.

“Big Fur” provides an intimate and entertaining look at Ken Walker’s life, his obsession with taxidermy, and the challenges he faces in pursuing his unconventional dream. The documentary also sheds light on the broader world of taxidermy competitions and the passionate individuals who participate in them.


The documentary explores themes related to artistry, passion, obsession, eccentricity, and the subculture of competitive taxidermy.


The film features Ken Walker as the central character, along with other individuals involved in the competitive taxidermy world.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Dan Wayne
  • Producers: Dan Wayne, Travis Rust, and others.


“Big Fur” has received positive reviews for its engaging and offbeat portrayal of the world of competitive taxidermy and its eccentric protagonist, Ken Walker. It is praised for its unique subject matter and the way it humanizes the quirky individuals who are passionate about their craft.


“Big Fur” is a documentary that offers a quirky and entertaining glimpse into the world of competitive taxidermy through the eyes of the eccentric artist Ken Walker. The film captures the artistry, passion, and obsession that define this unique subculture, while also showcasing the challenges and aspirations of its central character. “Big Fur” serves as a celebration of unconventional dreams and the individuals who pursue them, making it an intriguing and lighthearted exploration of a world where art and taxidermy collide.

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