Cup of Cheer Movie 2020

Cast and Director:

Cast: Storm Steenson, Alexander Oliver, Steve Kasan

Director: Jake Horowitz and Andy Lewis

Snowy Heights Town and the Spirit of Christmas: The Cup of Cheer Story

Mary, a successful journalist, returns to her hometown of Snowy Heights to investigate a world-famous Christmas tradition. Here, she meets Chris, the owner of the hot chocolate shop “Cup of Cheer,” and joins the mission to revive the town’s unique Christmas spirit.

Mary and Chris: A Tale of Second Chances

Mary and Chris cross paths in the town. However, Mary learns from Chris, who is also her former boyfriend, that Cup of Cheer will be closing on the upcoming Christmas Eve. This decision brings about a significant change in both Mary’s and Chris’s lives and opens the door to a second chance.

Hot Chocolate and a Love-Filled Adventure: Cup of Cheer

“Cup of Cheer” offers a perfect story for those who want to savor hot chocolate while immersing themselves in the magical atmosphere of Christmas. As Mary gets enchanted with the mission to revive the heart of the town, the film extends a warm invitation to viewers to the enchanting world of Christmas.

A Journey to Save the Spirit of Christmas: Cup of Cheer Review

This endearing story written by Jake Horowitz and Andy Lewis transports viewers to the charming atmosphere of the town. The performance of Storm Steenson as Mary and other cast members successfully conveys the festive spirit of Christmas. “Cup of Cheer” presents a heartwarming tale highlighting the magic of Christmas and the power of love.

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