Dedalus Movie 2020

“Dedalus” is a 2020 film directed and written by French director Pascal Laugier. The film is a drama that unfolds in different time periods and has an unconventional narrative style.


The film’s story revolves around different characters and their life experiences. It takes the audience to different time periods and locations, narrating the intersecting stories of these characters. “Dedalus” stands out as a film that prompts characters to contemplate human nature, relationships, and existential questions.


“Dedalus” explores universal themes such as human nature, temporal change, existential crises, and human relationships. By investigating the experiences of characters in different eras, the film provides viewers with opportunities for deep reflection.


  • More information is needed to provide details about the cast of the film.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Pascal Laugier
  • Screenplay: Pascal Laugier
  • Producers: Further information about the producers involved in the film is required.


“Dedalus” is notable for its comprehensive storytelling, spanning different time periods. The director’s unique narrative style and exploration of profound themes make the film appealing to audiences.


“Dedalus” stands out as a film that delves into the complex stories of its characters and explores universal themes. Pascal Laugier’s directorial skills and screenplay offer viewers a thought-provoking experience.

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