Deep Murder Movie 2019

IMDb Rating: Approximately 4.1

“Deep Murder” is a comedy-horror film directed by Nick Corirossi, released in 2019. The film parodies the conventions of the murder-mystery and slasher genres while infusing it with a comedic and erotic twist.


The film is set in the fictional town of “Hillbilly Hollow,” where a series of bizarre and gruesome murders take place. As the bodies pile up, the town’s residents become suspects in a whodunit mystery.

“Deep Murder” takes a unique approach by setting the story in the world of a pornographic film. The characters are adult film stars, and their interactions and relationships are riddled with humor, innuendo, and absurdity. As the murders continue, the film follows the antics of these eccentric characters as they attempt to solve the mystery and stay alive.


“Deep Murder” parodies the tropes and clichés of both murder-mystery and adult film genres. It explores themes related to satire, sexual humor, and the absurdity of conventional storytelling in both genres.


The film features a cast of adult film actors and comedians, including Jerry O’Connell, Christopher McDonald, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and others.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Nick Corirossi
  • Producers: Eric B. Fleischman, Sean Tabibian, and others.


“Deep Murder” has received mixed reviews, with some viewers appreciating its unique and irreverent approach to parodying genre conventions, while others found its humor to be polarizing. It is noted for its explicit content and absurd comedic style.


“Deep Murder” is a comedy-horror film that takes a wild and unconventional approach to parodying the murder-mystery and slasher genres. It offers a blend of humor, eroticism, and over-the-top satire that may appeal to those who enjoy irreverent and offbeat comedy. The film serves as a humorous and outrageous take on familiar genre tropes, offering a unique viewing experience for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

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