Don’t Trip … He Ain’t Through with Me Yet Movie 2006

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Don’t Trip … He Ain’t Through with Me Yet Movie 2006

“Don’t Trip … He Ain’t Through with Me Yet” is a 2006 comedy film directed by Leslie Small and featuring the renowned comedian and actor, Steve Harvey. This uproarious and inspirational film captures Steve Harvey’s live stand-up performance, combining humor and heartfelt insights on life, faith, and personal growth.

The Show

“Don’t Trip … He Ain’t Through with Me Yet” presents a live recording of Steve Harvey’s stand-up comedy act, filmed at the MegaFest, a faith-based event hosted by T.D. Jakes. Harvey’s performance is a blend of side-splitting humor, witty observations, and touching anecdotes drawn from his own life experiences.

Steve Harvey’s Humor

Steve Harvey’s comedic talents are on full display as he shares humorous anecdotes about relationships, family dynamics, and everyday situations. His sharp wit and impeccable timing keep the audience in stitches throughout the performance.

Inspirational Messages

Beyond the laughter, “Don’t Trip … He Ain’t Through with Me Yet” also carries inspirational messages. Steve Harvey interweaves moments of reflection and insight, touching on themes of faith, personal growth, and the importance of perseverance. He shares personal stories of his own journey, emphasizing the role of faith in overcoming life’s challenges.

Connection with the Audience

One of the film’s strengths is Steve Harvey’s ability to connect with his audience. He establishes a rapport with viewers, making them feel like they’re sharing in an intimate conversation with a trusted friend. This connection adds depth to the comedy and the film’s inspirational moments.

Celebration of Faith

The film’s title, “Don’t Trip … He Ain’t Through with Me Yet,” reflects its underlying theme of faith. Harvey’s performance is part comedy show, part celebration of faith and the belief in a higher power that guides us through life’s ups and downs.


“Don’t Trip … He Ain’t Through with Me Yet” is a delightful and uplifting film that showcases Steve Harvey’s comedic genius while offering valuable life lessons and moments of inspiration. It’s a testament to the power of humor and faith to connect people and provide laughter and encouragement in the face of life’s challenges. Whether you’re a fan of comedy or seeking a dose of motivation, this film delivers both in an entertaining and memorable package.

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