Family in Transition Movie 2018

IMDb Rating: Approximately 7.5

“Family in Transition” is a documentary film directed by Ofir Trainin, released in 2018. The documentary tells the story of a transgender woman, Amit Tsuk, and her family as they navigate the complexities of gender transition within their Orthodox Jewish community in Israel.


The documentary follows the life of Amit Tsuk, a transgender woman, wife, and mother of four children. Amit’s decision to come out as transgender and undergo gender transition has significant ramifications within her Orthodox Jewish community in Nahariya, Israel.

“Family in Transition” explores the challenges and complexities faced by Amit and her family as they grapple with issues of identity, faith, love, and acceptance. It delves into the emotional journey of each family member, including Amit’s wife, Galit, and their children, as they learn to adapt to the changes brought about by her transition.


“Family in Transition” explores themes related to gender identity, faith, family bonds, acceptance, and the intersection of personal and communal identity. It highlights the universal struggles of individuals and families facing profound changes and the importance of empathy and understanding.


The documentary features Amit Tsuk, her wife Galit, and their four children, as well as members of their Orthodox Jewish community who share their perspectives and experiences.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Ofir Trainin
  • Producers: Ofir Trainin, Rachel Rozenberg, and others.


“Family in Transition” has received positive reviews for its sensitive and empathetic portrayal of Amit and her family’s journey. It is recognized for its ability to shed light on the challenges faced by transgender individuals within religious and traditional communities and the importance of love and support in navigating these challenges.


“Family in Transition” is a documentary that explores the intersection of gender identity, faith, and family dynamics. It offers a heartfelt and thought-provoking narrative that invites viewers to consider the complexities of personal and communal identity. The film serves as a testament to the resilience of individuals and families as they adapt to profound changes and challenges, ultimately emphasizing the enduring power of love and understanding.

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