Film Geek Movie 2005

“Film Geek” is a 2005 comedy-drama film written and directed by James Westby. This offbeat and endearing film delves into the world of Scotty Pelk (played by Melik Malkasian), a socially awkward and obsessive film enthusiast whose passion for cinema knows no bounds.

The Story

“Film Geek” revolves around the life of Scotty Pelk, a man whose entire existence is consumed by his love for movies. Scotty’s encyclopedic knowledge of film trivia, obscure titles, and directors is matched only by his inability to connect with people in the real world. As he struggles to find his place in society, Scotty’s singular devotion to cinema takes him on a peculiar journey filled with quirky encounters and unexpected challenges.


Melik Malkasian delivers a standout performance as Scotty Pelk, embodying the character’s eccentricity and passion for film. The film also features supporting performances by various characters who enter Scotty’s life, adding humor and depth to the narrative.

Themes of Obsession and Isolation

At its core, “Film Geek” explores themes of obsession and isolation. Scotty’s unrelenting dedication to cinema alienates him from conventional social interactions, leading to humorous and sometimes poignant situations. The film examines the fine line between passionate dedication and unhealthy fixation.

Cinematic References

“Film Geek” is a treasure trove of cinematic references, obscure movie trivia, and passionate discussions about film. It pays homage to the world of cinema and the diverse spectrum of movie enthusiasts who make it an enriching and endlessly fascinating art form.

Quirky Humor

The film is infused with quirky humor and moments of absurdity, often stemming from Scotty’s interactions with people who don’t share his cinematic zeal. These humorous encounters serve as both comic relief and a means of highlighting Scotty’s idiosyncrasies.

Celebrating Individuality

“Film Geek” ultimately celebrates individuality and the beauty of finding one’s niche, even if it exists on the fringes of society. Scotty’s journey is a reminder that passion, no matter how unconventional, can be a source of fulfillment and connection.


“Film Geek” is a heartwarming and humorous exploration of one man’s all-encompassing passion for cinema. It invites viewers into the eccentric world of Scotty Pelk and encourages us to appreciate the power of obsessions and the beauty of celebrating our unique interests. Whether you’re a film enthusiast or simply appreciate character-driven comedies that celebrate the quirks of human nature, “Film Geek” offers an endearing and relatable cinematic experience.

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