Flannery Movie 2019

General Information About the Film

Director: Elizabeth Coffman and Mark Bosco

Release Year: 2019

Genre: Documentary, Biography


“Flannery” is a compelling documentary directed by Elizabeth Coffman and Mark Bosco, released in 2019. The film offers an insightful and intimate look into the life and literary work of Flannery O’Connor, one of America’s most celebrated and enigmatic writers. Through interviews, personal letters, and archival footage, “Flannery” paints a vivid portrait of O’Connor’s life, her experiences growing up in the South, and the profound impact of her Southern Gothic fiction. It delves into her unique storytelling style, her exploration of faith and morality, and her enduring influence on American literature.

Film Style and Narrative

“Flannery” employs a documentary style that combines interviews with scholars, writers, and people who knew Flannery O’Connor with excerpts from her personal letters and readings of her work. This narrative style provides a comprehensive view of her life, work, and the themes that defined her writing.

Critical Reception

The documentary “Flannery” received acclaim from both critics and audiences. It was praised for its in-depth exploration of Flannery O’Connor’s life and the way it illuminates her complex and profound literary contributions. The film is regarded as a fitting tribute to the iconic Southern writer.


“Flannery” is a captivating documentary that offers a glimpse into the life and literary legacy of Flannery O’Connor. Directed by Elizabeth Coffman and Mark Bosco, the film provides an intimate and comprehensive view of O’Connor’s life, her unique storytelling style, and her enduring influence on American literature. With a narrative style that combines interviews, personal letters, and readings of her work, “Flannery” has garnered acclaim for its in-depth exploration of this iconic Southern writer and her profound contributions to the world of literature.

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