Freedia Got a Gun Movie 2020

IMDb Rating: approximately 6.9

“Freedia Got a Gun” is a documentary film directed by Chris McKim, released in 2020. The documentary follows the life and experiences of Big Freedia, a popular New Orleans-based bounce music artist. It delves into the complex issue of gun violence in New Orleans and its impact on the community.


The film documents Big Freedia’s journey as she grapples with the alarming rates of gun violence in her hometown. As an influential figure in the music scene, Freedia becomes an advocate for gun control and raises awareness about the devastating effects of gun violence. The documentary highlights her efforts to bring attention to this pressing issue and create positive change.


“Freedia Got a Gun” explores themes related to gun violence, activism, community, and the power of music to inspire social change. It sheds light on the challenges faced by communities affected by gun violence and the importance of addressing this issue.


  • The documentary features Big Freedia and members of the New Orleans community who have been impacted by gun violence.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Chris McKim
  • Producers: Chris McKim, Randy Barbato, and others


“Freedia Got a Gun” has been praised for its portrayal of Big Freedia’s advocacy efforts and its exploration of the intersection between music and social activism. It offers a compelling look at the urgent issue of gun violence and the role individuals can play in advocating for change.


“Freedia Got a Gun” is a documentary that highlights the activism of Big Freedia and addresses the issue of gun violence in New Orleans. It serves as a reminder of the importance of using one’s platform to advocate for positive change and brings attention to the ongoing challenges faced by communities affected by gun violence.

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