French Exit Movie 2020

“French Exit” Film Synopsis

“French Exit” is a film adapted from the novel of the same name by Canadian author Patrick DeWitt. The story revolves around Frances, a newly widowed woman whose life takes an unexpected turn. Frances loses her late husband during a time when she didn’t love him, and after his death, she receives surprising news of an inheritance. Having depleted her inheritance, Frances finds herself penniless without a plan and eventually decides to move to Paris to start anew.

Frances Price: The Manhattan Heiress’s Story

The film focuses on Frances Price (Michelle Pfeiffer), a Manhattan heiress who has been living on a substantial fortune with her husband, Franklin. However, one day, she receives news that the court has decided to seize her son Malcolm’s inheritance. As a result, Frances decides to sell all her valuable possessions and move to Paris with the money.

The Paris Adventure: A Fresh Start

Frances’s longtime friend Joan offers her an empty apartment in Paris and supports these new beginnings. Frances’s son, Malcolm, along with his fiancée Susan, surprises his mother with a visit, but Frances shocks him by deciding to permanently leave America. Frances and Malcolm embark on their journey to Paris with their beloved cats.

The Mysterious Role of the Cat

However, when their cat goes missing, they discover that Frances’s late husband, Franklin, believed the cat to be a reincarnation. This leads them on an adventure to find their cat.

Frances and Malcolm: Relationship and Secrets

The film also explores the relationship between Frances and Malcolm and their quest to uncover the secrets behind the death of Frances’s ex-husband.

Cast and Director Starring actors include Lucas Hedges, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tracy Letts, and Valerie Mahaffey, with Azazel Jacobs in the director’s chair.

Film Genre and Production Year The film is classified as a drama and comedy and was released in 2020.

Conclusion: Frances’s Journey The film narrates Frances’s quest to find her husband and her cat and whether she can mend her relationship, all against the backdrop of exploring the beautiful streets and quiet moments of Paris without the need for ostentation or disparaging humor.

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