Gasoline Movie 2001

“Gasoline,” also known as “Benzina,” is a 2001 Italian psychological thriller film directed by Monica Stambrini. This dark and intense film explores themes of obsession, liberation, and the complexities of a toxic relationship.

The Story

“Gasoline” follows the tumultuous relationship between two women, Lenni (played by Maya Sansa) and Stella (played by Regina Orioli). Lenni is a reserved and introverted young woman who works at a gas station in a remote area. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she encounters Stella, a charismatic and unpredictable motorcyclist. Their passionate and destructive love affair unfolds against the backdrop of an abandoned gas station.

Themes of Obsession

The film delves deep into themes of obsession, as Stella becomes increasingly possessive and controlling of Lenni. Their relationship spirals into a toxic and dangerous dynamic that blurs the lines between love and manipulation.

Liberation and Escape

As the story progresses, Lenni yearns for liberation and escape from her suffocating relationship with Stella. The film explores her journey towards self-discovery and the pursuit of personal freedom.

Psychological Intensity

“Gasoline” is known for its psychological intensity and the complex emotions it evokes. It captures the emotional turmoil and psychological strain of the central characters, making it a gripping and thought-provoking experience.

Maya Sansa’s Performance

Maya Sansa delivers a standout performance as Lenni, portraying the character’s vulnerability and inner turmoil with depth and authenticity. Her portrayal adds a layer of emotional complexity to the film.

Cinematic Aesthetics

The film’s cinematography and visual aesthetics contribute to its atmospheric and haunting quality. The desolate gas station setting serves as a metaphor for the isolation and emotional barrenness of the characters’ lives.

Controversial and Provocative

“Gasoline” has been both praised and criticized for its provocative and controversial themes, as well as its unflinching portrayal of a destructive relationship. It challenges societal norms and expectations.


“Gasoline” is a dark and riveting psychological thriller that explores the intricacies of a toxic and obsessive relationship. It delves into themes of liberation, self-discovery, and the human psyche with intense emotional depth. If you are drawn to films that examine the complexities of human relationships and are willing to explore challenging and provocative themes, “Gasoline” offers a gripping and haunting cinematic experience.

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