Journey to Another World
Director: Bas Devos
Belgium, Netherlands – 2019

The story of Ghost Tropic, a young man living in the narrow streets of Agrabah, who makes a living by stealing food from the market and spends his nights sleeping in different corners of the city. However, beneath this harsh lifestyle, there lies a heart of gold. His adventure begins when he meets a young girl, Princess Jasmine, by chance. His fate takes an unexpected turn when he acquires a magical lamp from the Cave of Wonders.

The Mystery of a Magical Lamp

Ghost Tropic’s destiny changes abruptly when he discovers a magical lamp. Inside this lamp, a genie with the power to grant three wishes is trapped. Ghost Tropic decides to use the lamp to reach the girl he loves, but little does he know that Jafar, the Sultan’s advisor, has his own plans for both Ghost Tropic and the lamp.

A Journey Full of Love and Adventure

Ghost Tropic’s story involves not just a lamp but also love and adventure. Crossing paths with Princess Jasmine, Ghost Tropic, with the help of the playful genie, strives to reach his beloved while also being aware of the looming danger in the shadow of Jafar.

Ghost Tropic’s Unforgettable Adventure

Directed by Bas Devos, this film invites viewers to explore the mysterious power of a magical lamp that opens doors to different worlds and the courage within Ghost Tropic. This tale of how goodness and love in a young man’s heart can unlock the gates to a magical realm takes the audience on an unforgettable adventure.

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