Great White Movie 2021

“Great White” is a suspenseful horror film directed by Martin Wilson, released in 2021. This thrilling cinematic experience takes audiences on a harrowing journey as a group of people becomes stranded in the open ocean, facing the relentless terror of a great white shark.

The Story

“Great White” plunges viewers into the gripping narrative of a seaplane tour that takes an unexpected turn when the aircraft crashes in a remote, shark-infested stretch of ocean. Stranded without rescue in sight, the passengers and crew must battle not only the elements but also a relentless great white shark that begins to circle their makeshift raft. The film explores their desperate fight for survival as they confront their deepest fears.


The film features a talented ensemble cast that includes:

  • Katrina Bowden as Kaz
  • Aaron Jakubenko as Charlie
  • Te Kohe Tuhaka as Benny
  • Kimie Tsukakoshi as Michelle
  • Tim Kano as Joji
  • Jason Wilder as Captain Glenn
  • Patrick Atchison as Sean

These actors bring intensity and depth to their characters, adding to the tension and suspense of the film.

Shark Horror and Survival

“Great White” taps into the primal fear of being hunted by one of nature’s most formidable predators: the great white shark. The film masterfully creates an atmosphere of claustrophobic dread as the characters grapple with their dire situation and the ever-present threat of the circling shark. It explores themes of survival instincts, human vulnerability, and the will to live against overwhelming odds.

Cinematic Thrills

The film offers heart-pounding sequences and suspenseful moments that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It skillfully uses cinematography and sound design to heighten the terror and anticipation, making it a gripping experience for fans of shark horror and suspenseful cinema.


“Great White” is a white-knuckle thriller that plunges viewers into the heart of shark horror and survival suspense. It serves as a reminder of the primal fear that these apex predators can evoke and the visceral intensity of facing such a threat in the open ocean. For those seeking a nerve-wracking cinematic adventure, “Great White” delivers a thrilling ride through the depths of shark-infested terror.

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