Henchmen Movie 2018

Henchmen (2018) Animated Adventure Film Review

Director and Screenplay

The 2018 animated adventure film “Henchmen” is directed by Adam Wood  and written by Adam Wood  and David Ray.

Cast:Renowned actors such as James Marsden, Nathan Fillion, and Rosario Dawson play significant roles in the movie.

Plot: The film is set in a world dominated by supervillains where there’s a need for “third-rate” employees to carry out the villains’ tasks. Lester, a newly hired employee, becomes central to the story when he joins the League of Villains.

Story Summary

Lester accidentally steals the most valuable weapon of the supervillains, leading to the emergence of a new friend named Hank, who strives to rescue him. As Hank unexpectedly embarks on the path to becoming a hero, the film explores themes of heroism and friendship while providing an entertaining experience for the audience.

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