His Father’s Voice Movie 2019

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His Father’s Voice Movie 2019

IMDb Rating: Approximately 6.4

“His Father’s Voice” is a drama film directed by K. Kaarthikeyan, released in 2019. The film weaves a tale of family, cultural heritage, and the exploration of one’s roots.


The film follows the life of Aditya (played by Asha Bhola), a young woman of Indian descent living in the United States. Aditya’s life takes an unexpected turn when she receives a letter from her estranged father in India. The letter informs her of his terminal illness and his desire to reconnect with her.

Aditya decides to travel to India to meet her father, despite having little knowledge of her Indian heritage. As she embarks on this journey, she discovers her father’s passion for music and the deep connection he had with it. Aditya’s journey to understand her father’s past and embrace her own cultural heritage forms the heart of the film.


“His Father’s Voice” explores themes related to family, cultural identity, reconciliation, and the power of music as a bridge between generations. It delves into the complexities of familial relationships and the significance of heritage in shaping one’s identity.


The film features Asha Bhola in the leading role of Aditya, supported by Christopher Gurusamy and the ensemble cast that contributes to the narrative.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: K. Kaarthikeyan
  • Producers: K. Kaarthikeyan, and others.


“His Father’s Voice” has received positive reviews for its heartfelt storytelling and the themes it explores. It is recognized for its portrayal of the cultural clash experienced by individuals caught between different worlds and the emotional resonance of the father-daughter relationship at its core.


“His Father’s Voice” is a touching drama that invites viewers to reflect on the importance of family, cultural heritage, and the connections that transcend time and distance. It serves as a reminder of the power of music to convey emotions and stories across generations, and it underscores the significance of understanding and embracing one’s roots. The film’s narrative unfolds as a poignant journey of self-discovery and reconciliation, ultimately highlighting the universal themes of love and family.

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