I Am a Sex Addict Movie 2005

“I Am a Sex Addict” is a 2005 autobiographical comedy film written, directed by, and starring Caveh Zahedi. This highly personal and candid film provides a unique perspective on addiction and relationships through a darkly humorous lens.

The Story

“I Am a Sex Addict” is an autobiographical account of Caveh Zahedi’s life and his struggles with sex addiction. The film chronicles his various romantic and sexual relationships, including his compulsion to seek out sex workers. Zahedi’s narrative is presented with a mix of humor, self-deprecation, and raw honesty.


The film primarily features Caveh Zahedi, who portrays himself in a remarkably open and vulnerable manner. Other actors and individuals who have been a part of Zahedi’s life also make appearances, contributing to the film’s unique blend of reality and storytelling.

Themes of Addiction and Relationships

At its core, “I Am a Sex Addict” explores the themes of addiction and human relationships. The film delves into the complexities of Zahedi’s compulsive behavior and his quest for love and intimacy. It highlights the challenges of navigating the dating world while battling addiction and striving for personal growth.

Dark Comedy and Self-Reflection

The film uses dark humor and self-reflection to shed light on the often uncomfortable and taboo subject of sex addiction. Zahedi’s willingness to confront his own flaws and share his experiences in a candid manner creates moments of both discomfort and empathy for the audience.

Autobiographical Storytelling

“I Am a Sex Addict” is a prime example of autobiographical storytelling. Zahedi’s decision to portray his own life, warts and all, adds authenticity and depth to the narrative. The film invites viewers into the mind of the filmmaker, offering a glimpse of his inner struggles and self-discovery.


“I Am a Sex Addict” is a candid and darkly humorous exploration of addiction and human relationships. Caveh Zahedi’s willingness to expose his own vulnerabilities and compulsions on screen is both brave and thought-provoking. Whether you are interested in films that challenge societal norms or appreciate deeply personal storytelling, this film provides a unique and unconventional cinematic experience that prompts introspection and conversation.

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