In Balanchine’s Classroom Movie 2021

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In Balanchine’s Classroom Movie 2021

IMDb Rating and Overview

In Balanchine’s Classroom is a documentary film released in 2021, directed by Connie Hochman. This insightful documentary offers a rare glimpse into the world of ballet and the legendary choreographer George Balanchine.

With an IMDb rating of 7.5 out of 10, “In Balanchine’s Classroom” takes viewers behind the scenes of one of the most influential figures in the history of dance.


The film delves into the ballet world and George Balanchine’s classroom, where he taught and trained some of the most renowned dancers in the world. It explores his teaching methods, artistic vision, and the impact he had on the art of ballet.


“In Balanchine’s Classroom” provides a captivating narrative of George Balanchine’s legacy as a teacher and choreographer. It features interviews with former students and colleagues who share their experiences and insights into his unique approach to ballet.


  • George Balanchine (Archival Footage)
  • Several Former Students of George Balanchine
  • Dance Historians and Experts


“In Balanchine’s Classroom” is a captivating documentary that celebrates the life and influence of George Balanchine, a towering figure in the world of ballet. With an IMDb rating of 7.5, it offers a deep appreciation for his contributions to the art form and his enduring impact on generations of dancers and choreographers.

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