Kate Nash Movie 2020

IMDb Rating: 6.7

“Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl” is a documentary that tells the powerful story behind the career of British musician Kate Nash. This documentary explores important themes such as music, gender, artist identity, and freedom.


The documentary begins with Kate Nash’s early interest in music and traces her rise in the music industry, along with the challenges she faced. It also highlights Nash’s feminist and activist approach, her fight against gender inequality, and her journey to find herself as an artist.


“Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl” delves into themes beyond music, including gender roles, artist identity, and freedom. It showcases Kate Nash’s bold and unique ascent as an artist and her simultaneous stand against gender inequality.


  • Kate Nash (Herself)
  • Florence Pugh (Voiceover)
  • Gruff Rhys (Voiceover)
  • Bobby McGees (Voiceover)
  • Sharon Horgan (Voiceover)

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Amy Goldstein
  • Producers: Fiona Neilson, Gregor Lyon, Amy Goldstein
  • Screenplay: Amy Goldstein


“Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl” is considered an impactful documentary that explores the power of music and the use of art as a tool for activism. Kate Nash’s candid story and strong performances resonate with viewers.


“Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl” is an inspiring documentary that brings together music, feminism, and the power of art. Kate Nash’s artist identity and her struggle against gender inequality offer viewers a thought-provoking experience.

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