Know Fear Movie 2021

IMDb Rating: Approximately 3.6.

“Know Fear” is a horror-thriller film directed by Jamison M. LoCascio, released in 2021. The film follows a family that moves into a seemingly idyllic suburban home, only to discover that it holds dark and supernatural secrets.


The film centers on the Andrews family, including the father, Christopher (played by David Alan Basche), the mother, Emily (played by Amy Carlson), and their two children, Nathan (played by Mallory Bechtel) and Susan (played by Ana Sophia Heger). They move into a new home in a quiet suburban neighborhood, hoping for a fresh start. However, as they settle in, they begin to experience a series of disturbing and paranormal events.

“Know Fear” delves into the terror that ensues as the family attempts to unravel the mysteries of their haunted home and confront the malevolent entities that threaten their safety. The film combines elements of psychological horror and supernatural suspense as it explores the family’s fight for survival.


“Know Fear” explores themes related to supernatural horror, haunted houses, family bonds, and the psychological toll of confronting the unknown. It taps into the fear of the unexplainable and the primal instincts that emerge when facing supernatural forces.


The film features David Alan Basche, Amy Carlson, Mallory Bechtel, Ana Sophia Heger, and others who portray members of the Andrews family and the characters they encounter.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Jamison M. LoCascio
  • Producers: Jamison M. LoCascio, Adam Ambrosio, and others.


“Know Fear” has received mixed reviews, with some viewers appreciating its attempts to create suspense and psychological horror, while others found fault with its execution and pacing. The film is noted for its reliance on traditional horror elements.


“Know Fear” is a horror-thriller film that explores the terror that unfolds when a family moves into a haunted home. It offers a suspenseful and supernatural narrative that taps into primal fears and the psychological toll of confronting the unknown. The film serves as a reminder of the enduring appeal of haunted house horror and the fear of malevolent entities lurking in the shadows.

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