Miracle Fishing Movie 2021

IMDb Rating: approximately 7.1

“Miracle Fishing” is a documentary film directed by Miles Hargrove, released in 1991. The documentary provides a harrowing and personal account of the kidnapping of Miles Hargrove’s father, Tom Hargrove, by Colombian guerrillas. It chronicles the family’s agonizing ordeal and their efforts to secure his release.


The documentary recounts the events surrounding the abduction of Tom Hargrove, an American engineer, by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas in 1994. Miles Hargrove, the filmmaker and Tom’s son, combines personal video footage and interviews with family members and friends to document the family’s desperate attempts to negotiate Tom’s release. The film explores the emotional toll of captivity and the family’s unwavering determination to bring Tom home safely.


“Miracle Fishing” explores themes of survival, family bonds, resilience, and the impact of political conflicts on individuals and their loved ones. It offers a deeply personal perspective on the trauma and uncertainty experienced by victims of kidnappings.


  • The documentary features interviews with family members, including Miles Hargrove, and individuals involved in the kidnapping negotiations.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Miles Hargrove
  • Producers: Miles Hargrove, Steve Singer, and others


“Miracle Fishing” has been praised for its raw and emotional storytelling, providing an intimate look into the Hargrove family’s ordeal. It is recognized for its ability to humanize the impact of political violence and kidnapping on individuals and their families.


“Miracle Fishing” is a documentary that offers a deeply personal and emotional account of the kidnapping of Tom Hargrove by Colombian guerrillas and the relentless efforts of his family to secure his release. It sheds light on the human toll of political conflicts and serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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