Ms. White Light Movie 2020

IMDb Rating: Approximately 5.6.

“Ms. White Light” is a dark comedy film directed by Paul Shoulberg, released in 2019. The film explores themes of life, death, and the human connection through the perspective of a young woman who works as a hospice nurse.


The film centers on Lex Cordova (played by Roberta Colindrez), a hospice nurse who has a unique ability to connect with dying patients and help them find peace in their final moments. Lex’s unconventional approach to her work, including using humor and frankness, brings comfort to her patients but also draws skepticism from her colleagues.

As Lex navigates the challenges of her profession and confronts her own fear of death, she forms a connection with a terminally ill patient named Val (played by John Ortiz) and his daughter Lisa (played by Judith Light). “Ms. White Light” explores the complexities of life, death, and the human experience through the lens of those who deal with mortality on a daily basis.


“Ms. White Light” delves into themes related to mortality, the human connection, the role of humor in coping with death, and the impact of a person’s profession on their outlook on life. It offers a unique and poignant perspective on the end-of-life experience.


The film features Roberta Colindrez as Lex Cordova, John Ortiz as Val, Judith Light as Lisa, and additional cast members who contribute to the narrative.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Paul Shoulberg
  • Producers: Daniel Foerste, Sean Fowler, and others.


“Ms. White Light” has received mixed reviews, with some viewers appreciating its exploration of the hospice profession and its focus on the human connection in the face of mortality. Others found the film’s tone and pacing to be challenging. It is noted for its portrayal of the hospice care field, often characterized by moments of humor and vulnerability.


“Ms. White Light” is a dark comedy that offers a unique perspective on the hospice care profession and the human connection in the context of mortality. It presents a thought-provoking and emotionally charged narrative that encourages viewers to contemplate the complexities of life and death, as well as the role of compassion and humor in facing the inevitable. The film serves as a meditation on the shared human experience of mortality and the profound connections that can be formed in the most challenging of circumstances.

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