My Stretch of Texas Ground Movie 2020

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My Stretch of Texas Ground Movie 2020

General Information About the Film

  • Director: Edward Tyndall
  • Release Year: 2020
  • Starring: Jeff Weber, Haley Flanagan, Haley Ramm
  • IMDb Rating: 5.7/10
  • Genre: Drama, Western


“My Stretch of Texas Ground” is a drama film that tells the story of James Miller (Jeff Weber), a Vietnam War veteran struggling to reconnect with his estranged daughter Emma (Haley Ramm) and grandson Elliot (Haley Flanagan). Set against the backdrop of a Texas ranch, the film explores themes of family, forgiveness, and redemption as James attempts to rebuild his fractured relationships and find solace in the vast Texas landscape.

Acting Performances

Jeff Weber delivers a heartfelt performance as James Miller, portraying the character’s journey of self-discovery and reconciliation. Haley Ramm and Haley Flanagan also contribute to the film’s emotional depth with their performances.

Direction and Screenplay

Directed by Edward Tyndall, “My Stretch of Texas Ground” blends elements of family drama and the Western genre. The film’s screenplay focuses on the emotional complexities of its characters and the rugged beauty of the Texas countryside, providing a backdrop for their personal transformations.

Audience and Critical Reception

The film received mixed reviews from both audiences and critics. Its IMDb rating of 5.7 suggests a moderate level of appeal. While some viewers appreciated the film’s exploration of family dynamics and redemption, others may have found it to be a more niche genre offering.


“My Stretch of Texas Ground” is a drama film that delves into the themes of family and redemption within the Texas landscape. Jeff Weber’s performance and the film’s emotional depth may resonate with those who appreciate character-driven narratives. While its IMDb rating indicates a somewhat polarized reception, it offers a unique perspective on the challenges of rebuilding family bonds amidst the vast expanse of Texas.

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