Next Level Movie 2019

IMDb Rating and Overview

Next Level is a family-friendly drama film released in 2019, directed by Ilyssa Goodman. This film offers an entertaining and inspiring story that revolves around friendship, competition, and the power of teamwork.

With an IMDb rating of 4.6 out of 10, “Next Level” provides an engaging narrative suitable for audiences of all ages.


The film follows a group of young dancers who are selected to participate in an exclusive dance camp. As they come from different backgrounds and styles, they must learn to work together and overcome their differences to form a unified dance team. Through challenges, competitions, and personal growth, the group discovers the importance of friendship and the joy of dancing.


“Next Level” is a family-friendly drama that celebrates the art of dance and the bonds of friendship. It explores themes of teamwork, perseverance, and self-discovery as the young dancers navigate the challenges of the camp and strive to achieve their dreams.


  • Chloe Lukasiak as Kelly
  • Lauren Orlando as Keels
  • Emily Skinner as Michelle
  • Hayden Summerall as JJ
  • Brooke Butler as Eliza
  • Ellarose Kaylor as Leila


“Next Level” is an entertaining and inspiring family-friendly drama that emphasizes the value of teamwork, friendship, and pursuing one’s passions. With an IMDb rating of 4.6, it provides an engaging narrative suitable for audiences of all ages, particularly those who appreciate dance and the positive messages that come with it.

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