No. 7 Cherry Lane Movie 2020

IMDb Rating: Approximately 6.6

“No. 7 Cherry Lane” is an animated drama film directed by Yonfan, released in 2019. The film is known for its unique blend of animation and storytelling, as well as its exploration of personal and political themes set against the backdrop of 1967 Hong Kong.


The film is set in 1967 Hong Kong during a period of political turbulence and cultural change. The story revolves around Ziming (voiced by Alex Lam), a university student who becomes a tutor for the Wong family’s teenage daughter, Meiling (voiced by Sylvia Chang). Meiling’s mother, Mrs. Wong (also voiced by Sylvia Chang), is an elegant and enigmatic woman who develops a complex and unconventional relationship with Ziming.

As Ziming becomes more deeply entangled in the lives of the Wongs, he finds himself drawn to both mother and daughter, each representing different facets of his desires and aspirations. The film explores themes of love, desire, nostalgia, and the clash between traditional values and the influence of the Western world during a transformative period in Hong Kong’s history.

“No. 7 Cherry Lane” is notable for its distinctive animation style, which combines 2D hand-drawn animation with a visually rich and dreamlike atmosphere. It weaves a complex narrative that merges personal and political elements, creating a story that is both intimate and thought-provoking.


The film delves into themes related to love, desire, memory, nostalgia, and the impact of political and cultural changes on individuals and society. It also offers a nostalgic look back at 1967 Hong Kong.


The film features the vocal talents of Alex Lam, Sylvia Chang, and other voice actors who bring the characters to life.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Yonfan
  • Producers: Yonfan, Li Kuo-Hsing, and others.


“No. 7 Cherry Lane” has received praise for its unique animation style, intricate storytelling, and its ability to capture the mood and spirit of 1967 Hong Kong. It is celebrated for its exploration of complex themes and its dreamlike atmosphere.


“No. 7 Cherry Lane” is an animated drama film that offers a distinctive and visually stunning cinematic experience. It combines an emotionally rich narrative with an exploration of personal, cultural, and political themes. The film’s blend of animation and storytelling creates a dreamlike atmosphere that immerses viewers in the world of 1967 Hong Kong and the characters’ journeys of love, desire, and self-discovery. It serves as a testament to the power of animation as a storytelling medium and its ability to convey the complexities of human emotions and the passage of time.

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