Pink Cadillac Movie 1989

IMDb Rating: Approximately 5.4.

“Pink Cadillac” is an action-comedy film directed by Buddy Van Horn, released in 1989. The film stars Clint Eastwood as a skiptracer and Bernadette Peters as a woman on the run from the mob. The two unlikely partners find themselves caught up in a series of comedic and action-packed adventures.


The film follows Tommy Nowak (Clint Eastwood), a skiptracer who tracks down individuals who have skipped bail. His latest assignment leads him to Lou Ann McGuinn (Bernadette Peters), a woman who is wanted by both the law and the mob. Lou Ann is on the run after witnessing a murder committed by her mobster husband. Tommy and Lou Ann become an unconventional pair as they embark on a road trip across California, pursued by both the mob and the authorities. “Pink Cadillac” combines elements of action, comedy, and romance as the two protagonists navigate their predicament.


“Pink Cadillac” explores themes related to law enforcement, crime, romance, and the comedic dynamics that arise from the unlikely partnership between Tommy and Lou Ann. It offers a lighthearted take on the chase genre with moments of humor and action.


The film features Clint Eastwood as Tommy Nowak and Bernadette Peters as Lou Ann McGuinn in the leading roles, supported by a cast of characters encountered during their adventures.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Buddy Van Horn
  • Producers: David Valdes, Fritz Manes, and others.


“Pink Cadillac” received mixed reviews, with some viewers appreciating its comedic elements and the chemistry between Clint Eastwood and Bernadette Peters, while others found the plot to be somewhat formulaic. The film is noted for its blend of action and comedy, characteristic of Clint Eastwood’s versatility as an actor.


“Pink Cadillac” is an action-comedy film that offers a humorous and action-packed road trip adventure. It showcases the unexpected partnership between a skiptracer and a woman on the run from the mob, leading to comedic situations and romantic moments along the way. The film serves as a lighthearted and entertaining addition to the action-comedy genre.

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