Rise Again Movie 2021

IMDb Rating and Overview

Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer is a documentary film released in 2021, directed by Dawn Porter. This powerful and thought-provoking documentary explores the history of racial violence and the legacy of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, a tragic event in American history.

With an IMDb rating of 7.9 out of 10, “Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer” provides a vital and timely examination of the past and its impact on the present.


The film delves into the events surrounding the Tulsa Race Massacre, which occurred in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921. It examines the factors that led to the violence, the destruction of the prosperous Black community, and the lasting trauma it left behind.


“Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer” connects the Tulsa Race Massacre to the broader context of racial violence and unrest in the United States during the Red Summer of 1919. It explores the experiences of survivors and their descendants, shedding light on the ongoing struggle for justice and reconciliation.


  • Dawn Porter (Director)
  • Michel Martin (Narrator)
  • DeNeen L. Brown (Journalist and Historian)
  • Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (U.S. Representative)


“Rise Again: Tulsa and the Red Summer” is a poignant and informative documentary that addresses a dark chapter in American history. With an IMDb rating of 7.9, it underscores the importance of acknowledging and confronting the past to promote understanding, healing, and justice in the present and future.

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