Run Hide Fight Movie 2020

Run Hide Fight : Survival Battle in School

Director: Kyle Rankin Cast: Eli Brown, Isabel May, Radha Mitchell, Thomas Jane Production Year: 2020, USA Genre: Action, Thriller

High school student Zoe Hull struggles to cope with her mother’s death and the challenges her family faces, and her school life becomes increasingly complex. One ordinary day, everything changes when her classmate Chris Jelick installs a strange device. A armed attack occurs at the school, and Zoe’s fight for survival begins.

An Extraordinary School Day: Run Hide Fight

In this action-packed thriller directed by Kyle Rankin, we witness how Zoe Hull’s school life becomes incredibly complicated after the tragedy she experiences. The events unfold around the students’ struggle to save their lives and the terrifying plan of their leader, Tristan Voy, offering the audience an exhilarating experience.

Zoe and Tristan: Two Confronting Characters

The film revolves around the communication between Zoe and Tristan. The tension between Tristan’s horrifying plan and Zoe’s fight for survival creates an unforgettable story for the viewers.

Run Hide Fight: Thrills with a Successful Cast

With its talented cast, including Eli Brown, Isabel May, Radha Mitchell, and Thomas Jane, Run Hide Fight stands out and makes the film unforgettable. Each actor delivers remarkable performances, immersing the audience in a deep and captivating story.


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