Sequestrada Movie 2016

General Information About the Film

  • Directors: Sabrina Fidalgo, Lucas Paraizo
  • Release Year: 2016
  • IMDb Rating: 4.8/10 (As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021)
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller


“Sequestrada” is a compelling drama film directed by Sabrina Fidalgo and Lucas Paraizo that addresses the harrowing issue of human trafficking. The movie follows the story of Maria (Kamala Lopez), a Brazilian woman who becomes a victim of human trafficking while searching for a better life in the United States. As Maria faces the harsh realities of her situation, the film sheds light on the plight of countless individuals who find themselves ensnared in the dark world of human trafficking.

Film Style and Narrative

The film employs a dramatic and suspenseful style to create a narrative that highlights the emotional and physical challenges faced by Maria and other trafficking victims. “Sequestrada” aims to raise awareness about this critical issue and draw attention to the need for action and advocacy.

Critical Reception

“Sequestrada” received mixed reviews from audiences and critics, with an IMDb rating of 4.8 (as of September 2021) indicating varying opinions. While some viewers appreciated the film’s attempt to tackle the issue of human trafficking, others found the execution and storytelling to be uneven.


“Sequestrada” is a drama that confronts the disturbing issue of human trafficking. Directed by Sabrina Fidalgo and Lucas Paraizo, the film aims to shed light on the harsh realities faced by trafficking victims and raise awareness about the urgency of addressing this global problem. While it may have received mixed reviews, its IMDb rating suggests that it engaged audiences by drawing attention to an important and often overlooked issue.

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