Shalako Movie 1968

General Information About the Film

“Shalako” is a 1968 Western film based on the novel of the same name by Scottish author Louis L’Amour. The film features renowned actors such as Sean Connery and Brigitte Bardot.

Plot: The film revolves around European aristocrats on a hunting expedition to America’s wild west. However, during their journey, they encounter Native American tribes, leading to conflicts. The main character, Shalako (Sean Connery), is tasked with protecting the European aristocrats and themselves.


  • Sean Connery as Shalako
  • Brigitte Bardot as Irina Lazaar
  • Stephen Boyd as Bosky Fulton
  • Jack Hawkins as Sir Charles Daggett
  • Honor Blackman as Lady Daggett
  • Woody Strode as Chato
  • Eric Sykes as Mako

Critical Reception

The film is considered one of the popular Western films of its time. Sean Connery’s performance and the presence of Brigitte Bardot add to its appeal. However, some critics have noted that the film’s story is relatively conventional when compared to other Western productions of the era.


“Shalako” is regarded as one of the unforgettable productions in Western cinema. With its famous cast and the atmosphere of the American wild west, it offers an enjoyable experience to viewers. The film holds a significant place in cinema history for bringing together notable figures of its time, such as Sean Connery and Brigitte Bardot.

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