Shine Your Eyes Movie 2020

General Information About the Film

Director: Matias Mariani

Release Year: 2020

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10 (As of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021)


“Shine Your Eyes” is a captivating drama film directed by Matias Mariani, released in 2020. The film immerses viewers in the bustling streets of São Paulo, Brazil, as it tells the story of Amadi (played by O.C. Ukeje), a Nigerian musician who travels to the city in search of his missing older brother. As Amadi navigates the vibrant but often challenging urban landscape of São Paulo, he encounters new people, experiences, and challenges. The film explores themes of identity, family, and the search for belonging in a foreign land, all set against the backdrop of São Paulo’s rich cultural diversity.

Film Style and Narrative

“Shine Your Eyes” is known for its immersive and visually captivating style. The film’s narrative takes viewers on a journey through the city’s neighborhoods and diverse communities, providing a sensory experience that mirrors Amadi’s own exploration of São Paulo.

Critical Reception

The film received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike, with an IMDb rating of 6.1 (as of September 2021) reflecting its overall favorable reception. Viewers praised the film for its unique storytelling, compelling characters, and the way it captures the essence of São Paulo’s multiculturalism.


“Shine Your Eyes” is a captivating drama that offers an immersive journey into the vibrant streets of São Paulo. Directed by Matias Mariani and released in 2020, the film follows the story of Amadi, a Nigerian musician in search of his missing brother, and explores themes of identity and belonging in a foreign city. With its immersive style and positive critical reception, “Shine Your Eyes” is a film that transports viewers to the cultural richness of São Paulo while telling a compelling and introspective story.

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