Skills Like This Movie 2007

“Skills Like This” is a 2007 dark comedy film directed by Monty Miranda. This offbeat and introspective film takes viewers on a wild and often absurd journey of self-discovery as it explores themes of identity, creativity, and the pursuit of one’s true calling.

The Story

“Skills Like This” centers around Max Solomon (played by Spencer Berger), an aspiring writer who finds himself in a rut. After his latest play is rejected, Max decides to take an unconventional path and turns to a life of crime. Alongside his best friends Dave (played by Gabriel Tigerman) and Tommy (played by Brian D. Phelan), Max embarks on a spree of bank robberies that take a hilariously unexpected turn. As the trio navigates their newfound criminal activities, Max begins to question his choices and his own sense of identity.

Dark Comedy and Satire

The film employs dark comedy and satire to tackle themes of creative frustration and the search for purpose in an unconventional manner. It juxtaposes Max’s criminal escapades with moments of absurdity and existential reflection.

Character Evolution

“Skills Like This” delves into the evolution of its characters, particularly Max, as they grapple with their choices and personal growth. The film explores the idea that sometimes, the most unconventional paths can lead to self-discovery.

Creativity and Expression

The film touches upon the theme of creativity as a means of self-expression and fulfillment. Max’s journey involves both criminal acts and creative pursuits, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the human experience.

Independent Filmmaking

“Skills Like This” is a notable example of independent filmmaking, known for its quirky storytelling and unique approach to character development. It resonates with audiences who appreciate films that push the boundaries of conventional narratives.

Offbeat Humor

The film’s offbeat humor and unconventional storytelling provide a fresh and engaging viewing experience. It blends elements of crime caper and introspective drama with wit and humor.


“Skills Like This” is a darkly comedic exploration of identity and self-discovery that challenges conventional narratives. It offers a unique blend of crime caper, satire, and character development that keeps viewers engaged and entertained. If you enjoy films that take unconventional approaches to storytelling and delve into the complexities of personal growth and creative expression, “Skills Like This” is a must-watch that delivers both laughs and moments of introspection.

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