Slay the Dragon Movie 2019

“Slay the Dragon” is a documentary film directed by Barak Goodman and Chris Durrance, released in 2019. This eye-opening documentary delves into the complex issue of political gerrymandering in the United States and the grassroots movements and legal battles aimed at promoting fair democracy.

The Story

“Slay the Dragon” explores the concept of gerrymandering, a political practice that involves manipulating electoral district boundaries to favor a particular political party or group. The film provides insight into the impact of gerrymandering on American democracy and the ways in which it can undermine fair representation. Viewers are introduced to individuals and organizations dedicated to combating this issue.


The documentary features various individuals, activists, and experts who contribute to the discussion, including:

  • Katie Fahey, Founder of Voters Not Politicians
  • David Daley, Author of “Ratf**ked: Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count”
  • Michela Welch, Activist and former candidate
  • Amanda Holt, Plaintiff in the lawsuit against gerrymandering in Michigan
  • John Pappageorge, Former Michigan State Representative

Grassroots Movements

“Slay the Dragon” showcases the power of grassroots movements and ordinary citizens who refuse to accept a system that undermines their voices. The film follows activists in Michigan as they launch a successful campaign to establish an independent redistricting commission, taking the power of drawing electoral maps out of the hands of politicians.

Legal Battles for Fair Representation

The documentary also highlights the legal battles waged against gerrymandering in various states, including Michigan and Wisconsin. It underscores the importance of the courts in addressing this issue and the challenges faced by those seeking fair representation through the justice system.

Democracy and the Battle Ahead

“Slay the Dragon” offers a thought-provoking look at the state of democracy in the United States and the ongoing battle to protect the integrity of the electoral process. It encourages viewers to consider the importance of fair representation, the role of political activism, and the potential for meaningful change in the American political landscape.


“Slay the Dragon” serves as a wake-up call and a call to action for those concerned about the state of democracy in the United States. The documentary showcases the dedication of individuals and organizations fighting against gerrymandering and advocating for fair representation. It underscores the importance of active citizenship and the potential for positive change when communities come together to “slay the dragon” of unfair electoral practices.

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