Small Axe Movie 2020

IMDb Rating: approximately 7.5

“Small Axe” is a collection of five standalone films, created and directed by British filmmaker Steve McQueen. The series, released in 2020, is set in London’s West Indian community from the 1960s to the 1980s. Each film in the anthology explores different aspects of the Black British experience, including themes of racial discrimination, civil rights, identity, and community.

Films in the Anthology Series

  1. Mangrove: This film tells the story of the Mangrove Nine, a group of Black activists who stood up against police harassment and racial discrimination in Notting Hill in the late 1960s.
  2. Lovers Rock: Set during the 1980s at a blues party, this film captures the essence of the reggae music and dance culture within the West Indian community.
  3. Red, White and Blue: This installment follows the true story of Leroy Logan, a Black British man who joins the police force to combat racism from within.
  4. Alex Wheatle: The film is a biographical drama about the life of Alex Wheatle, a British writer who emerged from a troubled upbringing to become an influential novelist.
  5. Education: The final film in the series centers on a young boy named Kingsley who faces discrimination in the education system, highlighting the challenges of the “special needs” designation.


“Small Axe” explores themes related to racial injustice, discrimination, cultural identity, and resistance. Each film within the anthology offers a distinct perspective on the struggles and triumphs of the Black British community.


  • The series features a diverse cast of actors, including Letitia Wright, John Boyega, Shaun Parkes, Amarah-Jae St. Aubyn, and many others.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Steve McQueen
  • Producers: Tracey Scoffield, David Tanner, Steve McQueen, and others


“Small Axe” has received widespread critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling, outstanding performances, and its contribution to shedding light on the often overlooked history and experiences of Black Britons. It has been praised for its authenticity and relevance.


“Small Axe” is a groundbreaking anthology series that delves into the history and experiences of the Black British community. It has been celebrated for its exceptional storytelling and its ability to illuminate important social and cultural issues.

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