Super Frenchie Movie 2021

IMDb Rating: approximately 6.2

“Super Frenchie” is a documentary film directed by Chase Ogden, released in 2020. The documentary provides an intimate and inspiring portrait of Matthias Giraud, a professional skier and BASE jumper known for his daring feats in extreme sports. The film explores his fearless approach to life and the challenges he faces while pursuing his passions.


The documentary follows Matthias Giraud, also known as “Super Frenchie,” as he embarks on a series of exhilarating adventures. Giraud is known for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in extreme sports, including skiing off massive cliffs and executing BASE jumps from astonishing heights. “Super Frenchie” takes viewers behind the scenes of his thrilling stunts, offering a glimpse into the preparation, risks, and sheer determination required to achieve such feats.


“Super Frenchie” explores themes related to extreme sports, risk-taking, the pursuit of passion, and the human drive to conquer fear and push the limits of what is achievable. It underscores the importance of following one’s dreams and living life to the fullest.


  • The documentary features Matthias Giraud as himself, along with appearances by fellow athletes, friends, and family members who share their perspectives on his remarkable journey.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Chase Ogden
  • Producers: Matthias Giraud, Shana Hagan, and others


“Super Frenchie” has received positive reviews for its breathtaking cinematography, thrilling sports footage, and the inspirational story of Matthias Giraud. It is recognized for capturing the spirit of adventure and the determination of a fearless athlete.


“Super Frenchie” is a documentary that celebrates the life and adventures of Matthias Giraud, an extreme sports athlete who continually tests the limits of human capabilities. It offers a breathtaking visual experience and an inspirational narrative about following one’s passions and embracing the thrill of life’s challenges.

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