The Era of Vampires Movie 2002

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The Era of Vampires Movie 2002

“The Era of Vampires,” also known as “Yin yang lu”, is a 2002 Hong Kong action-horror film directed by Wellson Chin. This film offers a unique and thrilling take on vampire mythology, blending traditional Chinese folklore with elements of action and horror.

The Story

Set during the late Qing Dynasty in China, “The Era of Vampires” tells the story of a brave group of vampire hunters who are on a mission to eradicate a powerful vampire cult that threatens to unleash an army of the undead upon the world. The film combines elements of martial arts, supernatural horror, and folklore to create a captivating narrative.

Chinese Vampire Mythology

The film draws heavily from Chinese vampire mythology, which is distinct from Western vampire lore. In Chinese folklore, vampires, often referred to as “jiangshi,” are reanimated corpses that feed on the life force of the living. They are known for their hopping gait and the ability to drain the energy of their victims.

Martial Arts Action

“The Era of Vampires” features intense martial arts sequences that add an exciting dimension to the film. The vampire hunters employ a combination of traditional Chinese martial arts and supernatural skills to battle the undead.

Atmospheric Horror

The film creates a haunting atmosphere with its depiction of dark, fog-shrouded landscapes, eerie cemeteries, and suspenseful encounters with the supernatural. It masterfully builds tension and delivers moments of genuine horror.

Supernatural Elements

In addition to vampires, the film incorporates other supernatural elements, including powerful sorcery, ancient curses, and mystical artifacts. These elements enhance the complexity of the story.

Loyalty and Betrayal

The narrative explores themes of loyalty and betrayal as the characters grapple with their own motivations and allegiances. Complex relationships and personal conflicts add depth to the story.

A Unique Take on Vampire Lore

“The Era of Vampires” stands out as a unique contribution to the vampire genre, offering a fresh perspective on vampire mythology by blending it with Chinese folklore and martial arts action.


“The Era of Vampires” is an exhilarating and atmospheric film that takes viewers on a thrilling journey into Chinese vampire mythology. It combines traditional folklore with martial arts action and supernatural horror, creating a unique cinematic experience. If you’re a fan of vampire stories and enjoy films that delve into the supernatural while exploring themes of loyalty and betrayal, this Hong Kong horror gem is well worth a watch.

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