The Haunting of Sharon Tate Movie 2019

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The Haunting of Sharon Tate Movie 2019

General Information About the Film

  • Director: Daniel Farrands
  • Release Year: 2019
  • Starring: Hilary Duff, Jonathan Bennett, Lydia Hearst
  • IMDb Rating: 2.9/10
  • Genre: Horror, Crime, Drama


“The Haunting of Sharon Tate” is a horror-drama film that reimagines the last days of actress Sharon Tate (Hilary Duff), who was tragically murdered by followers of Charles Manson in 1969. The film introduces a fictionalized and supernatural element, with Tate experiencing disturbing premonitions of her impending doom. As the horrifying events unfold, she must confront the malevolent forces that haunt her.

Acting Performances

Hilary Duff delivers a compelling performance as Sharon Tate, portraying the actress’s fear and turmoil during her final days. The supporting cast, including Jonathan Bennett and Lydia Hearst, contributes to the film’s eerie atmosphere.

Direction and Screenplay

Directed by Daniel Farrands, the film blends elements of horror and true crime to create a suspenseful narrative. The screenplay explores the psychological trauma of Tate and the terror that surrounded her in the days leading up to her tragic death.

Audience and Critical Reception

“The Haunting of Sharon Tate” received mixed reviews from both audiences and critics. While it aimed to provide a unique perspective on a well-known tragedy, its IMDb rating of 2.9 indicates a divisive response. Some viewers found the supernatural twist intriguing, while others felt it was inappropriate given the real-life tragedy.


“The Haunting of Sharon Tate” is a horror-drama that offers a fictionalized take on a real-life tragedy. Hilary Duff’s performance and the film’s eerie atmosphere are notable, but its supernatural element and treatment of a sensitive subject matter have led to a polarized reception. The IMDb rating reflects the mixed opinions surrounding this reimagining of a tragic historical event.

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