The Marshes Movie 2020

IMDb Rating: Approximately 4.6

“The Marshes” is a horror film directed by Roger Scott, released in 2018. The film is set in the eerie and isolated Australian wilderness, where a group of researchers embarks on a journey that leads them into the heart of darkness.


The film is set in the remote and foreboding wetlands of Australia, where Dr. Pria Anan (played by Dafna Kronental), a dedicated researcher, ventures with her team to study the unique ecological system of the marshes. As they delve deeper into the wild and mysterious environment, they uncover ancient aboriginal artifacts and markings that suggest a history of darkness and malevolence.

“The Marshes” takes a chilling turn when the researchers become stranded in the desolate wilderness, isolated from civilization and pursued by an unseen and malevolent force. As their situation becomes increasingly dire, they must confront their fears and unravel the sinister secrets of the marshes to survive.

The film combines elements of supernatural horror, psychological tension, and ecological intrigue to create a suspenseful and unsettling narrative that explores the darkness that can lurk beneath the surface of seemingly tranquil environments.


“The Marshes” delves into themes related to isolation, survival, the unknown, and the mysteries of nature. It also explores the tension between scientific curiosity and the unexplained.


The film features Dafna Kronental as Dr. Pria Anan, along with other cast members who contribute to the film’s atmosphere of dread and suspense.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Roger Scott
  • Producers: Alex Francis, Christiaan Van Vuuren, and others.


“The Marshes” has received mixed reviews, with some viewers appreciating its atmospheric horror and eerie setting, while others found it to be lacking in character development.


“The Marshes” is a horror film that immerses viewers in the eerie and isolated wilderness of the Australian marshes, where the line between the natural world and the supernatural becomes blurred. The film’s suspenseful narrative and unsettling atmosphere create a sense of dread as the characters confront the unknown and face the malevolent force that haunts the marshes. “The Marshes” serves as a reminder that nature can hold ancient secrets and hidden terrors, and it explores the psychological toll of isolation and fear in the face of the unexplained.

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