The Paper Tigers Movie 2020

IMDb Rating and Overview

The Paper Tigers is an action-comedy film released in 2020, directed by Quoc Bao Tran. This martial arts-themed comedy offers a fresh take on the genre, combining humor and action.

With an IMDb rating of 6.5 out of 10, “The Paper Tigers” has garnered attention for its entertaining blend of martial arts and humor.


The film centers around three former martial arts prodigies who reunite as adults to investigate the mysterious death of their former master. As they confront their past and rediscover their skills, they embark on a humorous and action-packed journey.


“The Paper Tigers” is a tale of friendship, redemption, and the comical challenges faced by these middle-aged martial artists as they attempt to relive their glory days. The film explores themes of honor, loyalty, and the passage of time.


Key cast members include:

  • Alain Uy as Danny
  • Ron Yuan as Hing
  • Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Jim
  • Joziah Lagonoy as Young Danny
  • Matthew Page as Carter


“The Paper Tigers” is a delightful martial arts comedy that combines action with humor, making it an enjoyable watch for fans of both genres. With an IMDb rating of 6.5, it offers a lighthearted and entertaining cinematic experience.

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