The Projectionist Movie 2020

IMDb Rating: Approximately 7.2

“The Projectionist” is a documentary film directed by Abel Ferrara, released in 2019. The documentary provides a glimpse into the life and experiences of Nicolas “Nick” Nicolaou, a dedicated and passionate projectionist who has spent decades working in New York City’s movie theaters.


The documentary follows Nicolas “Nick” Nicolaou, an immigrant from Cyprus, who has made a career as a projectionist in the heart of New York City’s cinema scene. Nick has witnessed the evolution of cinema technology and the changing landscape of the film industry over the years.

“The Projectionist” delves into Nick’s daily life and his experiences working in the projection rooms of various theaters. It also explores the broader context of cinema history and the cultural significance of movie theaters as communal spaces where people gather to experience the magic of cinema.


“The Projectionist” explores themes related to the history of cinema, the role of projectionists in preserving the art of film projection, and the enduring love for the medium of film. It also touches on the cultural and nostalgic value of movie theaters as places of shared experiences.


The documentary features Nicolas “Nick” Nicolaou as himself, as well as interviews with filmmakers, colleagues, and individuals connected to the world of cinema who share their insights and memories.

Director and Production Team

  • Director: Abel Ferrara
  • Producers: Abel Ferrara, Christina DeHaven, and others.


“The Projectionist” has received positive reviews for its intimate and nostalgic portrayal of Nicolas Nicolaou and his dedication to the art of film projection. It is recognized for its exploration of cinema history and the personal stories of those who have been part of the film industry for decades.


“The Projectionist” is a documentary that celebrates the unsung heroes of cinema—the projectionists who have played a crucial role in bringing movies to audiences for generations. It offers a heartfelt tribute to the art of film projection and the enduring love for the cinematic experience. The documentary reminds viewers of the cultural and communal significance of movie theaters as places where stories come to life on the big screen, and where the magic of cinema continues to captivate audiences.

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