The Simian Line Movie 2000

“The Simian Line” is a 2000 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Linda Yellen. This offbeat and whimsical film weaves together the stories of various characters connected by fate, love, and a shared sense of mysticism, all centered around a curious line on the palm of their hands.

The Ensemble Cast

“The Simian Line” features a talented ensemble cast, including William Hurt, Lynn Redgrave, Harry Connick Jr., Cindy Crawford, and Tyne Daly. Each character brings a unique perspective and charm to the film.

The Simian Line

The film takes its name from the concept of a “simian line,” which is a rare and unusual variation in palmistry where the heart line and head line on the palm merge into a single line. In the film, this simian line is believed to hold mystical significance, shaping the destinies and relationships of the characters.

Multiple Storylines

“The Simian Line” unfolds multiple interconnected storylines. It follows the lives of a diverse group of characters who are brought together by a dinner party hosted by Katharine (Lynn Redgrave) and Rick (Harry Connick Jr.). As the evening progresses, relationships are tested, secrets are revealed, and unexpected connections emerge.

Themes of Fate and Destiny

The film explores themes of fate and destiny, suggesting that there are mystical forces at play in the lives of the characters. The simian line is seen as a symbol of the unexplained, and its presence or absence influences the characters’ decisions and relationships.

Quirky Humor

“The Simian Line” incorporates moments of quirky humor and lightheartedness, adding charm to the film’s exploration of fate and love.

The Supernatural Element

The supernatural element in the film adds an intriguing layer to the storytelling, blurring the lines between reality and mysticism.

Personal Growth and Transformation

As the characters navigate the complexities of their relationships and confront their pasts, they undergo personal growth and transformation. The film captures the idea that love has the power to heal and change lives.


“The Simian Line” is a unique and whimsical exploration of love, fate, and mysticism, brought to life by an ensemble cast of talented actors. Its blend of quirky humor, interconnected storylines, and a touch of the supernatural creates an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience. If you enjoy films that delve into the mysteries of human connection and the role of fate in our lives, “The Simian Line” offers a charming and offbeat journey into the unexpected twists of love and destiny.

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