The Story of Patrick Peyton Movie 2020

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The Story of Patrick Peyton Movie 2020

About “PRAY: The Story of Patrick Peyton” Documentary

Director: Jonathan Cipiti

Country: USA, Year of Production: 2020

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 71 minutes

The Inspirational Life of Patrick Peyton

Chronicles the transformation of an Irish immigrant in America.

Explores how Patrick Peyton’s dream of becoming a millionaire evolved into a mission centered around family and prayer.

Discusses Peyton’s sense of a divine calling and his journey to becoming a priest.

A Mission on Prayer and Family Unity

Examines Patrick Peyton’s mission emphasizing the unity of family and the power of prayer.

Highlights how global campaigns showcased how prayer positively impacts lives.

Details the journey of becoming a prayer champion by conveying the importance of prayer to people.

The Impact of an Irish Immigrant in America

Illustrates how Patrick Peyton made a significant impact in America and surpassed his personal goals.

Describes how his life as an immigrant in the USA shaped around themes of prayer and faith.

“PRAY: The Story of Patrick Peyton” stands out as a compelling documentary focusing on themes of religion, family, and faith.

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