The Tree House – (Nhà Cây) Movie 2019

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The Tree House – (Nhà Cây) Movie 2019

The Tree House  (Nhà Cây)” 2019 Documentary and Science Fiction Fusion IMDb Rating: 6.3

This impressive film, a collaborative effort between different countries including Germany, China, France, Singapore, and Vietnam, delves deep into the connection between nature and humanity, as well as humanity’s relationship with its past.

Director: Minh Quy Truong

In this production helmed by Minh Quy Truong, the story unfolds in the year 2045, featuring a man living on Mars. He endeavors to reconnect with memories of Vietnam’s forests and its indigenous peoples by capturing footage of the environment.

An Emotional and Intellectual Journey

The film offers a unique approach, combining the man’s own memories with those of the indigenous people, taking the audience on both an emotional and intellectual journey.

The Confluence of Nature and Humanity Themes

Also known or “Nhà Cây,” this film seamlessly blends themes of nature, humanity, and science fiction, providing viewers with a visual and intellectual feast.

If you’re curious about the connection between nature and humanity and interested in a film that fuses science fiction with documentary elements, “The Tree House (Nhà Cây)” could be exactly what you’re looking for. This production is ready to transport viewers to a different world.

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