They Fight Movie 2018

“They Fight” is a 2018 documentary film directed by Andrew Renzi. This compelling documentary delves into the lives of young amateur boxers as they navigate the challenges of growing up in underprivileged neighborhoods while pursuing their dreams of success in the boxing ring.

The Story

“They Fight” provides an intimate and unfiltered look at the lives of young boxers in Washington, D.C. The film primarily follows the journey of a group of determined and talented boxers, highlighting their struggles and triumphs both inside and outside the ring. These young athletes face economic hardship, personal obstacles, and societal pressures as they strive to make a name for themselves in the highly competitive world of amateur boxing.

The Boxing Gym as a Safe Haven

The documentary showcases the role of the boxing gym as a sanctuary for these young fighters. It’s within the walls of the gym that they find mentorship, discipline, and a sense of purpose. The gym becomes a place where they can escape the challenges of their daily lives and focus on honing their boxing skills, all while forming a tight-knit community with their coaches and fellow boxers.

Dreams, Sacrifices, and Resilience

“They Fight” emphasizes the dreams, sacrifices, and resilience of these young athletes. Despite facing adversity and limited resources, they remain determined to succeed in the ring. The film highlights their unwavering commitment to their goals and the sacrifices they and their families make to support their boxing careers.


In “They Fight,” the audience is offered an intimate and unvarnished portrayal of the challenging journey that young boxers from underserved communities undertake as they strive for success in the world of amateur boxing. The film not only showcases the physical prowess of these athletes but also the strength of their character and the importance of their dreams. “They Fight” serves as an inspiring and emotional testament to the power of determination, resilience, and the pursuit of one’s dreams, regardless of the obstacles in one’s path.

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