Wojnarowicz Movie 2019

“Wojnarowicz” is a documentary film directed by Chris McKim, released in 2019. This captivating documentary provides viewers with an intimate and thought-provoking exploration of the life, art, and activism of David Wojnarowicz, a groundbreaking artist and AIDS activist.

The Story

“Wojnarowicz” delves into the life and work of David Wojnarowicz, a prolific artist, writer, and performer whose art challenged societal norms and explored themes of identity, sexuality, and the human condition. The film takes audiences on a journey through Wojnarowicz’s turbulent life, from his troubled upbringing to his emergence as a prominent figure in the New York City art scene during the 1980s.


The documentary features interviews and archival footage with key individuals who were part of David Wojnarowicz’s life and work, including:

  • David Wojnarowicz (archival footage and recordings)
  • Fran Lebowitz, Writer and Cultural Commentator
  • Kiki Smith, Visual Artist
  • Nan Goldin, Photographer
  • Peter Hujar, Photographer (archival)
  • Richard Kern, Filmmaker and Photographer

Art and Activism

“Wojnarowicz” explores the profound connection between art and activism in David Wojnarowicz’s work. His art served as a powerful platform for addressing issues such as AIDS, LGBTQ+ rights, and social injustice. The documentary illustrates how his art was not only a means of personal expression but also a call to action and a form of advocacy.

Legacy and Impact

The film examines the enduring legacy of David Wojnarowicz’s art and activism, particularly in the context of the AIDS epidemic and the cultural and political climate of the 1980s. It highlights his influence on subsequent generations of artists and activists who continue to draw inspiration from his work and commitment to social change.


“Wojnarowicz” is a moving and informative documentary that pays tribute to the life and legacy of an iconic artist and activist. It invites viewers to reflect on the intersection of art and social change and the power of creative expression in challenging societal norms. David Wojnarowicz’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of using one’s voice and art to address critical issues and effect meaningful change in the world.

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